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  1. Package 2

    Beta Induction Package


    Planning a ceremony for your newly inducted Betas? We've made planning easier than ever with these prepackaged inductions kits! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PERSONALIZED GAVEL IS ONLY INCLUDED IN PACKAGE 3.

    Package 1 includes:

    -Junior or Senior Division Tablecloth

    -Junior or Senior Division Banner

    -Full set of colored Induction Candles

    Package 2 includes all contents from package 1, as well as: 

    -10 Metallic gold Beta Balloons

    -Beta Ceremonial Gavel

    Package 3 includes all contents from package 1, as well as:

    -10 Metallic gold Beta Balloons

    -Personalized Beta Ceremonial Gavel

    -Full set of white Ceremonial Candles

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  2. Induction Plaque

    Induction Plaque


    Celebrate your National Beta membership with this customizable plaque.

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  3. Senior Officer Pins

    Senior Officer Pins

    Starting at: $5.00

    Beta officers can proudly show off their office with these Senior Beta lapel pins!

    • Buy the basic set and save
    • Set includes President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer
    • Historian pin not included in basic set, this pin may be purchased separately
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  4. Senior Officer Medallions

    Senior Officer Medallions

    Starting at: $12.50

    Honor all of your Senior Beta club officers with these gold medallions.

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  5. Senior Logo Tablecloth - 8' Long

    Senior Logo Tablecloth - 8' Long


    •Available with the senior logo, your tables will look picture-perfect for your party.

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  6. Senior Banner

    Senior Banner


    Senior Beta Banner Sized - 30" x 42"

    *Hanging dowel not included*

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  7. Senior Medallion

    Senior Medallion


    Out of stock

    Order Senior Beta medallions for those members who have truly gone above and beyond throughout the years.

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  8. Officer Plaque

    Officer Plaque


    Personalize this award to show appreciation for your Beta officers.

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8 Item(s)