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Creed Induction Kit


The Induction Shield was uniquely crafted for Beta’s Creed Induction Ceremony.

The front of this piece showcases the signature Beta Shield, which is perfect to display in a classroom after the ceremony. The back of the Shield includes magnetic pieces that build the shape of the Shield. Each magnet lists a word from the Creed and corresponds with a speaking role during the induction ceremony. The words are Honesty, Cooperation, Responsibility, Industriousness, Justice, Humility, Service, and Charity.

Size: 16”H x 9.5”W (at the widest part)

Induction scripts, program template, and more can be found by visiting the Induction Resources.

Purchase a full Creed Induction Kit and have everything you need for the ceremony. The kit includes:

  • Creed Induction Shield
  • Tablecloth – 8 feet long
  • Podium banner - 30" x 42". Hanging dowel not included.
  • Beta balloons – set of 20
  • Beta ceremonial gavel
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